The Comics Survival Kit


Sunday, July 13, 2014

This tumblr was an idea I have had for a while. Welcome!

Like all comics pros, I am asked all the time for advice on how to become a pro, and how to maintain that position once you have attained it.

It is a huge question, even if we knew the answers, it would be a lot to process!

So over the past few years, I have been collecting bits of practical, useful information in tiny, bite-sized chunks. These have been little mini-lessons that might be very helpful to aspiring creators. Writers, mostly, at first, but we have lots of helpful notes for artists as well that will be going up soon.

I will be adding a couple mini-tips articles from all over the industry ever couple days. I have, with permission, used some great stuff I have found on the web, but the vast majority of mini-lessons will be new, from colorists, retailers, writers, artists, editors, and lots more. People like Greg Pak, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jim Zub, Adam Hughes, Pia Guerra, some of the best people in the industry.

This is not meant to replace lessons, practice, or books on the topic. It’s just a collection of things that may be of real use to the right people.

Read one, read a few, listen to advice of people who really know this subject. Lots more mini-lessons coming, including some cool bonuses like excerpts of upcoming how-to books not available anywhere else.

I want to have information not just on raw craft, but also practical things; what do artists hate when given a script? What do con organizers hope for from guests? How do you communicate effectively with retailers?

Fortunately, I have a LOT of friends who helped out with hard-earned info.

Have fun, take some info from the best, and good luck!

Also, go kick some ass!

Thank you so much to all the pros who gave their valuable time to help with this project!

Gail Simone, London, 2014